Introducing the Palma HydroJet Proâ„¢

Whether relaxing or entertaining, the Palma HydroJet Proâ„¢ is a luxuriously spacious hot tub complete with all the standard features available on our 2021 range. Its invigorating massage system combines 180 powerful AirJets with 8 HydroJets for a soothing experience. For extra comfort, includes built-in seats and backrests and has LED lights to set the mood.

Palma HydroJet Proâ„¢ for up to 7 people

Comfortably Fits Up To 7 People

The Lay-Z-Spa Palma HydroJet Proâ„¢ is spacious enough to comfortably seat 5-7 people. Channel those relaxing holiday vibes in style, with this large square spa.

HydroJet Proâ„¢ Massage System - 8 HydroJetsâ„¢ & 180 AirJetsâ„¢

The massage system has 8 directional and flow-adjustable HydroJetsâ„¢ and 180 all-surrounding AirJetsâ„¢. Use the digitally controlled pump with control panel to combine both systems, or enjoy them individually.

Integrated Feet Massager and Inflatable Seating Area

With integrated seating, removable backrests and a built-in foot massager, the Palma offers the ultimate spa experience. This inflatable seating is great for those who need a little extra support during their spa sessions.

Palma HydroJet Proâ„¢ with built-in seating area

DuraPlusâ„¢ & Beam Construction

Using a beam construction for structural stability and cushioned comfort after each setup, the Palma can be inflated in under 5 minutes. Featuring DuraPlusâ„¢ it also benefits from protection against UV rays and plenty of durability for normal everyday use.

Freeze Shieldâ„¢ Technology

Make your Lay-Z-Spa a part of your daily routine with Freeze Shield™. Activating the pump automatically when it gets cold outside, now you can safely use your hot tub all year round even when the air temperature drops below 4°C.

ColourJet LED Lights

Experience a spectacular display of colour from the comfort of your Lay-Z-Spa with the water-powered Colour Jet LED lights. Let the soft ambient lighting add a colourful glow to those bubbles and set the tone.

ColourJet LED Lights for setting the mood in your Palma HydroJet Pro.

Pre-order the Lay-Z-Spa Palma HydroJet Proâ„¢ and be automatically assigned a tree as part of our agroforestry project in association with Treedom.